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Hergenrother Realty Group – Transforming Lives Through Home Ownership

Hergenrother Realty Group (HergGroup) was founded in 2011 by Adam Hergenrother in order to expand his successful real estate team concept beyond the borders of Vermont by partnering with growth-minded CEOs to run additional teams. HergGroup’s business model is the future of real estate. Not all agents want to build a team. Many just want to be on a successful team that shares their values and vision and can help them take their business to the next level without an exorbitant amount of time or risk. That’s where HergGroup comes in.
After many iterations, trial and error, a few capital injections, and a lot of failing forward, we have solidified a model that exemplifies our passion for leadership and leverage. By providing our agents with exceptional centralized services, including world class coaching, training, administrative and operational support, and lead generation, we allow our agents to focus on their one thing – helping people buy and sell real estate. The world is our playground and we won’t give up until HergGroup has covered the globe. From one team in Vermont, to over 23 locations expanding from Vermont to Atlanta to Idaho, HergGroup is committed to transforming lives through home ownership.
What will the company look like in one to three years? 
HergGroup was ranked #4 in the United States in 2019 by Real Trends The Thousand as Advertised in The Wall Street Journal (up from #18 and #28 the previous two years). We closed out 2019 with over 2,000 real estate transactions and expect that number to triple within the next few years. We have placed a strong focus on lead conversion in order to help more people transform their lives through home ownership. We expect to grow our administrative and operational staff both in the HUB, and on-site, to keep up with our continued growth.
What does your opportunity for growth look like?
HergGroup believes in creating a world large enough where no one ever has to leave. The opportunities are available to those that prove themselves and are driven to grow and contribute to our organization.
HergGroup is currently in 23 locations in 18 states including Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin.
While we have plans to expand across North America, we are actively searching for talented Expansion Business Partners in the following locations: New Jersey, Arizona, Austin, Houston, Charleston, Chicago, and Central and Northern California.

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