Preparing Your Home for a Houseguest

28_ladyslipper_MLS_HID1078489_ROOMbedroom1 (Large)Are you expecting visitors who will stay overnight?

We love hosting friends and family from out of town at our home especially during holidays.  Making your overnight guests feel special and comfortable doesn’t have to be expensive or a lot of work.  The key is to create a clean, fresh and orderly space for them. With some simple touches, you can transform your guest room into a private sanctuary where your guests can relax and, well, feel right at home.

First, you need to tidy up.  You don’t need to make your house spotless; just make sure that items are back where they belong, sweep or vacuum up the worst dirt, take out the trash and recycling, and wipe down surfaces.

You can also create a welcoming guest room by putting crisp, clean sheets on the bed and set out a stack of extra blankets and pillows.  Remember to check the lighting and privacy of the room; change lightbulbs if needed in bedside lamps, and be sure windows have coverings.  Next is to assess the condition of your guest bathroom.  Replace and old cakes of soap and shampoo bottles with new ones and stock up on fresh rolls of toilet paper and towels.

If you plan to lend your guest a key, be sure to put it on its own keychain that is easy to distinguish from your guest’s own keys. Make sure to write down your Wi-Fi password, emergency numbers and any household instructions on a card — and keep a copy on your computer so you can find it easily the next time a guest comes to stay.

For your guests’ morning essentials, make sure that you ask ahead of what sort of hot drink or breakfast item your guests prefer in the morning. Put the drink and food items together in one easy-to-access spot on the kitchen counter and point this out to your guests while you’re giving them a tour.

Lastly, kid-proof your space if needed.  Kids don’t just automatically know what is appropriate and inappropriate to do when spending the night at other houses.  To prevent any accidents, you can move fragile items onto higher shelves, and store medications in a secure cabinet and lock cabinets or rooms that you do not want kids getting into. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks on supplies, you can pick up a pack of outlet covers and use them to fill any unused outlets.

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