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How to Furnish Your Patio on a Budget


As the weather gets warmer, the season of patio get-togethers gets closer! Gear up for a fun spring ahead by giving your patio a makeover. Buying the furniture and decor for your patio can be expensive, so here are some tips for how to furnish your patio on a budget.

1. Buy Furniture in the Off-Season

Furniture is expensive. Your best bet for finding items that are within your budget is waiting to furnish your patio when furniture goes on sale. Patio furniture is least expensive in the off-season, when New Englanders are gearing up for winter. Visit your local home goods or hardware store or look online for sales on tables, chairs, and rugs.

2. Repurpose Concrete Blocks

Get your creative juice flowing with a DIY project! Arrange five or six concrete cinder-blocks both horizontally and vertically. Fill the holes in each block with soil and plant your favorite flowers or herbs. This cluster of blocks looks great in the corner of a patio, or edged along a side of your space.

3. Scour Estate Sales for Furniture

Estate sales are great places to get awesome deals on nice furniture. The hosts of an estate sale typically wants to get rid of as much stuff as possible, so you can try negotiating the price if an item you like is out of your budget range.

4. Repaint Iron Furniture

If you’re looking for used furniture, don’t overlook the grungy iron furniture with chipped paint! You can totally transform a set of iron chairs and table with a good power wash and a fresh coat of paint. This goes for all used furniture; always consider the DIY potential for items that looked like they’ve had their day.

5. Arrange Shells in Glass Jars

Is your stash of beach shells or seaglass collecting dust? Gather your shells, seaglass, or beach rocks and assemble them in large glass jars to display on your patio. Not only will you achieve a tasteful, natural look, but you’ll also save money by using sentimental items you already have.

6. Add an Outdoor Rug

Sometimes all your patio needs is a fresh new rug with a fun pattern! There are so many cool outdoor rugs that can transform your space. Like furniture, the best time to find a cheap outdoor rug is in the off-season. These rugs tend to be less expensive, so it’s worth digging around online for a good deal anytime of year!

What are your tips for furnishing a patio on a budget? Share with us below!


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