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Get Great Photos of Your Home

Getting great photos of your home can be a challenge. Whether you are looking to sell or document you will want to make your home photos as professional as you can. Little tricks like using a tripod, shooting from straight on and avoiding wide-angle lenses can take you a long way toward getting quality pics.

  1. Use a tripod. Whatever the quality of your camera using a tripod will greatly improve the quality of your photo. Almost no one has a perfectly steady hand and capturing your room from a level angle is key to a great pic.
  2. Use a low angle. This is a great trick from the pros to make your photo look more magazine worthy. Shooting low is simply a more attractive angle. Professionals recommend a height of 40’ from the floor.
  3. Be a straight shooter. Shooting your photograph straight on will result in a better image.
  4. No wide-angles. Avoid wide angle lenses. This is a common mistake when shooting a room. Yes, a wide angle lens captures more space in the photo but at a rather ridiculous cost. The image is distorted with items in the foreground appearing larger and behind smaller. Instead use a regular lens for a more real image.
  5. No flash. Turn off your flash and use natural light. This will provide you with a warm and inviting image. The best time for capturing the glow of natural light is about 20 minutes after the sun sets. This tip may take a bit more planning but the results will be well worth it.

You will be much more successful at capturing great images of your  home by sticking with these tricks. You don’t need professional gear or experience to make the most of your shoot. With a little bit of planning and setup, anyone can take stellar home shots.

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