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Decorate with Style on a Budget

Beauty does not have to break the bank. Some ideas just call for a little imagination, and a little money to match can add that decorating je ne sais pas you desire.

  1. Create an unusual, attractive and highly functional end table. Stack modular storage units to make a side table with cubbies for storage and surfaces for displays and lighting. Create vignettes in the cubbies, display art and sculptures or stack your favorite books for an eye catching design piece.
  2. Inexpensive wicker can change the mood of the room. Mix wicker chairs with upholstered pieces for a fresh look.
  3. Use document frames to hang simple art pieces, prints or photos. Floating images in glass is a great way to make cheap (even free) images look sleek and elegant.
  4. If you like many of us choose to spend on vacations rather than house decor get the biggest bang for your buck! Use shells and other beach bounty to decorate your space. A bathroom or kitchen absorb these elements seamlessly … think shell soap dish.
  5. DIY your headboard. You can make a really attractive headboard for very little expense. Use plywood, foam and a beautiful fabric to fake a costly design piece in your bedroom.
  6. Create a photo gallery on your wall. Choose matching frames to display your favorite family photos all together. Hang in a cluster or a more organized row.
  7. Colored lampshades add a pop of color to any room. Do not overdo it, limit yourself to one per room.
  8. Decorate with your books. Books are naturally welcoming and stacked look classy as decor.
  9. Candles make great decoration lit or unlit. Clustering a grouping of pillars is the best way to create the look. Size matters, use larger sizes for larger tables or surfaces.
  10. Re-purpose furniture. An old chair makes a funky bedside table or place a vintage sewing machine in a long hallway for a vintage look.

Whatever your style find creative ways to make your house pop without spending an arm and a leg. Think outside the box!

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