5 Tips for Buying Furniture

furnitureWhen buying furniture for your home, there are a lot of things that you should consider first to avoid wasting money on something that you might need to replace in just a few months. Do not buy a piece just because it’s pretty or the latest trend. The materials used and how each is crafted should be taken into consideration as well. Before you hit the shops, it is best to bring your list of furniture to buy, swatches, pictures and a tape measure. Here are important factors that you need to check before you make your purchase.

1. Turn It Upside-Down
How does it look when you turn the piece around? Is the underside finished? Is the fabric precisely tucked? Is it double-stitched and not just stapled? How about the wood? Is it painted and not left raw? High quality furniture should answer yes to all these questions.

2. Check the Support and Frame
When buying a bed, make sure that you check what the slats and vertical supports are made of. Ideally, the slats must be three inches apart to help with mattress wear. The slats must be screwed or doweled together to be stable. Remember that poor quality materials mean that the furniture will not last as long.
Inquire about the framing of the furniture. Keep in mind that kiln-dried hardwood is best because it has less moisture and is less prone to decay.

3. Test the Fabric
Try doing the scratch and pull test on the fabric. Did the fibers come off? How does the material feel against your skin? If the fabric used is high quality, the fibers should not come off and it should feel good on your skin.
Go for foam that is firm instead of softer paddings that will sag faster in time. Check if there are springs installed inside. Springs will distribute your weight equally as you use the sofa, making it last longer.

4. Consider the Wood Options
Hardwood is the most preferred wood for most furniture. In case your cabinet material needs replacement, opt for plywood instead of particle or fiberboards to minimize costs.

5. Measure Your Space
You have the piece that you love and it’s on sale! When you get home, it doesn’t fit your space. Avoid the hassle and frustration by making sure that you know the measurements of the space that you need to fill. Triple check the numbers and put it on paper. Bring it with you the next time you go shopping. Getting the right furniture for your home takes time, so make sure that you purchase pieces that you totally love.


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