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5 Important Things to Consider Before Becoming an Airbnb Host


Hosting guests through Airbnb is a great way to meet new people and make money. It’s fun to host people in your home, but there’s a lot to consider before inviting strangers into your personal space. Here are five important things to consider before becoming an Airbnb host:

1. Time Commitment

Before becoming an Airbnb host, consider the time, costs, and energy it will take you to bring guests to your home. Your responsibilities might include managing the bookings, preparing for your guest to arrive, ensuring they’re taken of during their visit, and cleaning thoroughly when they leave. A great way to make sure all things go smoothly between your schedule and your guest’s visit is to create a checklist of items you need to get done and when.

2. Personal Safety

You never know who you will be inviting into your home when you list your space on Airbnb. Although Airbnb has a good vetting system in place, you can never be too sure. It’s especially important to consider your personal safety if you will be in staying in your home while your guests are there. Consider whether you’re comfortable trusting guests that come into your home, and if you’re confident when it comes to communicating your expectations.

3. Relationship with Neighbors

If you’re renting a house or apartment, it’s essential to consider your neighbors and landlord. Are you allowed to become an Airbnb host according to your contract? Are your neighbors okay with strangers coming into your building? Do your homework and ensure that you’re not breaking any rules or ruining your neighbor relations.

4. Liability Insurance

Consider the liability and risk involved with renting your home to strangers. If you have irreplaceable belongings that you don’t want damaged or stolen, consider putting them in storage and hiding jewelry or other personal items. Even something as minor as denting the wall or breaking glasses, you’re putting both your guests and home as risk. Consult the Airbnb Liability Insurance before listing your home!

5. Unique Listing

In urban areas where there are typically many Airbnb listings, competition for guests can be high. To make your listing appealing, consider the price and amenities included. You can offer simple items such as free breakfast or free WiFi to your guests to make your listing stand out. Take note of closeby attractions or perks of your neighborhood. The more unique your listing, the more likely you are to get bookings.

What did you take into account before becoming an Airbnb host?

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